Best Deals on Direct Drive Record Players

Direct drive Reccord Players are best for certain uses such as professional DJs.

The design of the direct drive system requires a motor, attached directly to the platter, with a high starting torque for a fast starting movement, allowing the track to be played at the exact moment that is requested. In the same way, this system must incorporate an electronic brake, to help stop in the exact place. They also include a system to vary the speed.


We present you a sample of Direct Drive Record Players at the best price on the market.


Because the direct-drive turntable has fewer moving parts and no belt, it is a stronger system that requires almost no maintenance, and because there are no parts to wear out and need replacement.

As the motor is integral with the movable disk, which is not the case in Belt-Drive Record Players. A good study of the Record Player design is very important to alleviate all kinds of vibrations.

This direct drive system is more expensive because of all these design things to consider, versus a more simplified pulley drive system design.

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