Furniture and accessories for LPs and record players

With this fantastic selection of Furniture and Accessories for your vinyls and record players, you can store and always have your favorite vinyls in order and at hand.

furniture for LPs

Walnut wood vinyl LPs cabinet. It has a sliding guide to hold them vertically as there are more or less vinyls, thus guaranteeing their integrity.

Vinyls muebles Vinilos
Vinyls muebles vinilos
Vinyls Muebles vinilos 4

Vinyl LPs Storage Box

With this Storage Box for vinyl music or LPs, you can have stored and ordered up to 100 Lps. It can be moved easily due to the 4 built-in wheels

Vinyls Cajon Vinilos 1
Vinyls Cajón Vinilos 2
Vinyls Cajon Vinilos 3

Vinyl Storage Box

In this box for storage of vinyl music or LPs, you can have stored and ordered up to 100 Lps.

vinyls Caja Vinilos 1
Vinyls Caja Vinilos
Vinyls Caja Vinilos 3

Wooden Vinyl Storage Box

Wooden box for storing vinyl music or LPs, you can have stored and ordered up to 75 Lps.

Vinyls Caja Vinilos-7
Vinyls Caja Vinilos 8
Vinyls Caja Vinilos 9

Vinyl Storage and Sorting Furniture

This furniture is ideal to always have your favorite vinyls at hand. A lower part for storage and a more manageable upper part to have the ones you use the most.

Vinyls Mueble Vinilos 6
Vinyls Mueble Vinilos 5

Vinyl LPs Transport and Storage Case

With this suitcase you can safely take up to 40 vinyls anywhere. Folding front cover for easy access to vinyl LPs. Reinforced handle and corners.

Vinyls Maleta para Vinilos
Vinyls Maleta para Vinilos 2
Vinyls Maleta para Vinilos 3

Aluminum Transport and Storage Case for Vinyl LPs

Reinforced aluminum case to transport your vinyls safely. Double safety closure, interior covered with foam rubber, and with capacity for 80 vinyls

Vinyls Maleta Vinilos 4
Vinyls Maleta Vinilos 5
Vinyls Maleta Vinilos 6

Auxiliary Cabinet for Vinyl and Record Player

This auxiliary furniture is ideal for storing and keeping your favorite vinyl LPs in order with your Record Player

Vinyls Mesa Auxiliar 1
Vinyls Mesa Auxiliar 2
Vinyls Mesa Auxiliar 3

Vinyl LPs Accessories

We have the best deals on vinyl LPs accessories, cleaning kits, protective covers,

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